Our Philosophy

Our belief is that care is rooted in continuous healing relationships.  It is our intention to listen carefully, inform, and empower our patients on their path towards balance and wellness with gentle guidance.  Treatments are given in a healing environment of comfort, peace and support.  We are committed to being a partner in health where we work together to overcome health imbalances and maintain wellness.

Our mission at Seva Holistic Health is to provide quality patient centered care to enrich, enliven and align the body, mind and spirit.  We aim to empower and educate patients with the tools necessary to promote longevity, health and wellbeing.

At Seva Holistic Health we strive to initiate positive change within the health care system by inspiring and partnering with people in the community to focus on achieving optimal health, and educating the public on lifestyle based medicine as a means to prevent disease and maintain health.

Focus on Results

Natural Medicine can produce profound results for a variety of conditions in a short amount of time, correcting imbalances that can involve multiple invasive therapies.  By activating and enlivening your own innate healing intelligence, you provide yourself with the most powerful medicine on earth.  

We do this as simply as possible for the most effective and efficient results.

Our main goal as we work together is to awaken that innate healing intelligence within your own body.  Your body already knows what you need to rebalance and heal, we just facilitate the process.

We Help Many

YOU have the choice to continue to seek therapies here.   You are not required to, but we find that most people choose to continue because they personally see and feel the value of these visits.

Our ability to help people reawaken their innate healing intelligence results in many referrals.  We are so grateful for having a constant steady stream of new people to serve!

Support you and Your decisions

We will never judge or criticize the decisions you make regarding your medical care.  We trust you and your decisions, and support you in whichever path you choose to take.

You could go 100% natural medicine, or a combination of therapies.  We understand that the goal is the same, and we are here for you.

Honesty and Integrity

We strive to maintain complete integrity and transparency in our dealings with patients, partners, referring clinicians, suppliers and others.

We only recommend what is necessary, never more, never less.  We always treat everyone fairly and with respect.  We will do our absolute best to help you in every way with your health and wellness goals.  

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